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About Us

About Us

The jewelry industry is changing. “The way it’s been done for a hundred years,” is no longer the only way to do business. To that end, WLXT is the alternative to traditional methods of merchandising and financing for today’s dynamic mid and large size jewelry retailers. Every distributor of fashion jewelry will promise customers the best prices for the highest quality goods, but for WLXT that is just the beginning.

To be successful, retailers need leverage--and leverage is what we deliver. Not only do we supply high-quality goods at competitive prices, we find ways for our clients to reduce overhead and increase inventory. Our unique consignment programs, for example, are a great way for our customers to increase selection, reduce overhead, and maximize sales. As part of these programs we sometimes even supply, train, and manage counter staffs to help our clients meet their sales objectives.

With our help, our clients have a larger, more robust assortment of goods to display; additional, trained staff on hand to turn goods; and the comfort of a bullet-proof replenishment system to keep their cases full.

In addition, WLXT maintains a Traveline display for trunk shows at specialty locations. From department store jewelry counters, to cruise ship decks, and casino floors, this consignment line brings unique value to our clients’ events. The Traveline is also a powerful way to test WLXT goods before committing to a permanent display.

Our ability to find creative merchandising and financing opportunities makes us different, but it is our experience and talent that makes all the difference for our clients. From manufacturing and sourcing, to distribution and retailing, we apply a wealth of resources and knowledge to our clients’ specific retailing needs.

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